Information for Care Homes

Study introduction

Watch our video introduction to the study

Is my care home suitable for this study?

If you can say ‘YES’ to all the points below and you are interested in taking part, please complete our Expression of Interest form by clicking here.

  • You feel the study addresses a question of importance to your care home and your care homeowner will be supportive
  • Your care home is in England.
  • Your care home has a CQC rating of good or outstanding.
  • Your care home has 20 or more residents in single bedrooms.
  • Your care home predominantly focuses on care for older people (residential home/nursing home).
  • You are willing to provide the study team with a regularly updated register of residents.
  • You are willing to install air filters in communal rooms if allocated to the AIR FILTER group.
  • You are willing to invite some residents to receive filters if allocated to the AIR FILTER group.
  • You are willing not to install air filters if allocated to the USUAL CARE group.
  • You are willing to collect information about infection episodes in your residents (taking around 2 minutes per resident per day)*

* The study team do not need to know the names of your residents or staff, all information will be provided anonymously

When you are enrolled in the AFRI-c study the study team will provide all the required air filters, for use in the communal and private rooms.

If you would like to hear more about what the trial involves for your care home and residents, please find more detailed information here or you can contact us for further information.

For common queries, we have created an FAQ page, here.

Care Home Testimonials

If you would like to hear directly from care homes on what it has been like to take part in the AFRI-c trial, we have some videos below from two care homes who discuss the study as whole and their motivation for taking part in the trial.

Obviously what we’d been through with COVID and the lockdowns and the impact that had on the residents emotionally and with mental health; some of our residents haven’t recovered from that even though they didn’t actually contract COVID. So anything that we could do to prevent things like this in the future, or find solutions, we’re all for it.”  Alexandra Care Home

Alexandra care home tell us about their experience in participation in the AFRI-c trial and their reasons for taking part.

“It was something we were quite interested in because unfortunately one of our directors passed away last year. And when COVID started he did his own study on air filtration, so consequently when then he passed away and then we were approached to do this, we felt that we would do it in honour of him and also to find out long term if it does help. We all went through outbreaks and such like with COVID which was horrific and we wouldn’t wish that on anybody. If there is anyway that we can help to reduce future infections, whatever they may be, then I think it’s a good thing to do. Saying that it has been really easy, there’s been no issues at all and you’re not on your own, even once they help you set it up it’s not like they disappear. They’re still there all the time, so there is never ever any issues.”  – Asher Care

Asher Care, in their own words tell us why they decided to take part and of their experience on setting up the trial and collecting data.