About the Study

About the Study

Respiratory infections such as Covid-19, coughs, colds, and ‘flu’ (influenza) in care home residents can be serious, with many residents requiring hospital care. As highlighted by the effects of COVID-19, we need to know more about how to reduce the spread of infections in care homes.



Respiratory infections can be spread when people breathe in or swallow airborne droplets containing germs. These are produced when people cough or sneeze. Currently, infection control is largely focused on hand hygiene and keeping spaces clean. Air filters have been shown to remove germs from the air, but research is urgently needed to help health and social care providers know if air filters are able to prevent respiratory (and other) infections.

To Express an Interest:

Once you have read the information below and discussed the study with family/friends/carers/others if you wish, please express an interest in taking part by completing a quick form.

  • If you would prefer to complete the Expression of Interest on paper, please contact us to request a posted paper copy: afric-study@bristol.ac.uk

If there are any parts of the below information leaflets that you do not understand, you have any questions, or you would like further information please contact the AFRI-c study team by email:afric-study@bristol.ac.uk

What is the AFRI-c study? A research study happening in care homes across England looking into whether using air filters prevents the spread of infections in care homes. Please view our introductory video below.

Watch an introductory video about the study here:

We want to find out whether portable air filters can prevent the spread of respiratory infections in care homes.

Care homes helping with the AFRI-c study will be put into one of two groups.

  • In the ‘USUAL CARE group care homes will follow their usual infection prevention and control procedures e.g. handwashing and surface cleaning.
  • In the ‘AIR FILTER group care homes will also continue using their usual infection prevention and control procedures, and we will provide them with air filters to use in communal spaces and staff rooms. The care home staff will also invite some residents to have an air filter in their bedroom.

We will compare the number of infections in each group to find out whether air filters prevent respiratory infections.

The study will also explore staff, resident and residents’ relative’s/ friends’ attitudes to and experiences of air filters and also whether using the air filters is cost-effective.

Please see our ‘everything you need to know about the AFRI-c Study infographic‘ here:



AFRI-c Study

Thank you for your interest in AFRI-c Study. If your Care Home has been enrolled in the study and you are a Care Home manager or owner, please read the Investigator Site File.

All these documents can either be read directly on the website or click on the ‘Download’ link below the file to download it.

To ask questions or enquire about taking part, please go to the Information for Care Homes or Information for Residents pages.