Welcome to the AFRI-c Study


A study to see if Air Filtration prevents winter coughs, colds, flu, and COVID-19 in care homes (AFRI-c)


In this study, we want to work with care homes across England to find out whether portable air filters can prevent respiratory infections in care home residents.

Following a successful pilot study and establishing the trial in a further 35 care homes across England, we are looking for care homes to join the study for the final winter in September 2023. Each care home is involved for one winter period (September – May).

We are looking for care homes wanting to participate in this important research in the final winter of the study which starts in September 2023.

Care Home

If you are a care home manager, care home nurse or another member of staff and would like to find out how to participate or to get involved please visit our Information for care homes page.

Care Home

If your care home is considering taking part and you are a resident, family member, or friend, please visit the Information for residents and Contact pages for further information.

Watch an introductory video about the study here:

To keep up to date with the study please go to the Latest News section.